Thread Rolling + In-House Precision Machining

thread rolling

For over 40 years, Ray Precision Threadrolling has been developing thread rolling and precision machining solutions for companies across a wide range of industries. Our comprehensive services and custom capabilities allow us to manufacture complete parts in-house, giving you fast turnaround times, improved quality control and cost efficiencies.

We specialize in thread rolling applications individually tailored to meet your part requirements, with additional machining and secondary operations to ensure you have everything you need, from start to finish. Our knowledge of available technologies and materials, with a strong focus on quality, ensures that you receive exceptional value when you work with us.


Advantages of Rolled Threads

Roll threading is the fastest, most economical method for producing highly accurate threads, and yields threads that are 30% stronger than a cut thread. Quality, efficient production, and strength make form-rolling the right choice for custom and engineered products.


  • Higher production roll vs. cut
  • Fast turnaround & short lead times
  • Raw material savings


  • High tensile, shear and fatigue strength
  • More accurate, precise form
  • Smooth, polished surface

Specialty Products

  • Mechanical Actuators
  • Lead Screws
  • Ball Screws
  • Worm Drives
  • Fasteners


  • Aerospace
  • Fluid Power
  • Marine Energy
  • Defense
  • Computer
  • Chemicals
  • Agriculture
  • Mining
  • Metalworking
  • Utility
  • Textile
  • Printing
  • Agriculture
  • Transportation
  • More…

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